Unpaid Carers - Analysis of the Manifestos
We've published our asks, we've pored over the party manifestos and we've checked where they align with our 5 points to value unpaid carers. Check out our matrix below.
Manifesto Matrix of Commitments to Carers
Here's 3 quick actions you can do
Each of these activities build our
Sticking Plaster Campaign
An Unpaid Carers Manifesto
Unpaid carers shouldn't be #sticking plasters for the social care crisis #ValueCarers
Unpaid Carers Manifesto
Our 5 point Manifesto
Carers Strategy
Carers deserve their own national Carers Strategy. They provide the equivalent of £132 billion in care a year.
Create a fair Carers Allowance
Carers Allowance is currently £66.15 a week. It is the lowest benefit amount of its kind.
Take action to address the social care crisis
Support carers and those they care for with a plan for Social Care.
Make sure carers are identified and get support
The NHS sees carers and their cared for daily. They could identify all unpaid carers as a priority.
Ensure adequate money for carers' breaks
Increase monies available for carers to take the breaks they need.
Unpaid Carers Manifesto
Have more time to help? You can add your voice in support of unpaid carers in the run up to the General Election on and offline using our helpful guide below.

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